Hey there!

Well, you clicked on the title to see what the key to happiness is.

I won’t waste your time. Here it is:


No, not fruits and veggies, silly.


Make something!


You may not have much free time.

What do you do with it?

Well, any waking moment, you have a choice: Consume, or Produce.

In our cultre, consuming is the default goal. Acquire a shiny new car (I’d love a Model 3, myself). Buy the latest video games. Buy the biggest TV. Be unhappy with your current house and long to get a bigger one. A boat would be cool. Yeah, I need a boat.


None of that stuff brings lasting happiness. It’s consuming. It’s basically like eating, then overeating, and eating until I barf but I keep on eating anyway because the next mouthful should taste even better.

The happiness of consumption will always be fleeting, even if I buy my dream car, and dream home, and a private jet.

So, if consumption sucks, then the opposite of consumption must rule. And it does!


I’m always happy when I’m making/producing something.

Babies, for example. :-)

Instead of consuming TV, knit a sweater and give it to a friend when you’re done. Instead of buying a doodad, try making a YouTube video. Instead of watching a movie, create a blog and write about what interests you.

Make a garden, make music, make anything, and share it with the world.

One cool side effect of being a producer is that the more you produce, the better you get at it! The first sweater, or YouTube video, or blog post, or garden vegetable will probably suck.

But, keep producing anyway, and the product will improve.

You’ll improve at producing, too! That builds TREMENDOUS self confidence, and that builds happiness.

Sharing what you produce is the most important part. You will make the world a better place, in your own way!

You changed the world, in the teeniest litle good way, rather than just consuming something for yourself.

Produce… (pause for effect!) is the key to happiness.